Synergy Solutions, Inc.
A Virtual Organization at Work
Synergy Solutions, Inc. is a Texas corporation issued its certificate May 11, 1992 and has operated continuously since that date.  The initial principal activities of the organization consisted of providing specialized training to public and private organizations in the area of customer satisfaction and method of conforming to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Those training activities were extremely successful and provided critical information and methodologies to our customers in those key business areas. 

Our areas of interest and activity have evolved and we are heavily involved in consulting with organizations in the management areas of Human Resources and with the development and delivery of customized online training, alternative energy storage and transmission, publishing and continue a committed interest in assisting organizations with customer service improvements. 

In all of these areas Synergy functions as a virtual organization.  We expand our consultative/partnership staff to meet customer demands. 
When the demand for that set of skills and talents comes to an end, so do our consultative relationships with the personalities. One of the major talents developed over the years of operation is how to access people with those key talents and skills when needed to meet the demands of our customers. 

Operational principals are based on philosophies developed by Synergy’s President which were derived from a mentor relationship with Dr. Russell Ackoff, long time professor at the Wharton School and friend of Edwards Deming (see link ).  One basic principal is that most organizational problems are system problems not people problems. A second firm belief is that unless a management function is adding value to the product or service delivered, there is no need for it and it is most likely contributing to an organizational impairment.  Thirdly, most solutions can best be identified by those closest to the problem rather than those at the upper levels of the organization. 

We only work with those organizations that are committed to the outcomes that can be mutually developed and for whom we have the resources to deliver the services that have the potential to achieve the expected outcome.  We would be pleased to have the opportunity to exceed your expectations.   Please contact us for any additional information we can provide regarding our capabilities, resources and/or experience.